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Success Stories

Welcome to Beyond Chiropractic's Success Stories!

"I have been battling kidney cancer since 1998 and have had a number of surgeries and procedures which have resulted in severe back pain. I have been searching for years for a solution to the intense flair-ups that come and go. I have seen neurologists, pain specialists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists, herbalists and nutritionists. I had exhausted every known alternative. Then I met Dr. Erika. What a difference! After an initial consultation and a couple of treatments she found the solution for which I had been looking for so long. I am very grateful for her expertise, her friendly care and concern for her patients, and her intense desire to get to causes and not just symptoms. Thank you Dr. Erika!" 

Chris.D.  ~St. Paul

I'm not one to read testimonials much. I always think, 'this person is one in HOW many?… and does it really relate to me?'. Well, now I understand the excitement of sharing success stories and I know that even though I'm not you, there honestly is a process designed for both of us!

I am 56 years old- almost 57. Turning 55 was pivotal. It hit me that I was not the healthy woman I wanted to be (and used to be) and that the years were flying by so fast. It was now or never! It became clear to me that there had to be a way to become healthy without involving a prescription to take care of symptoms. I also knew deep down that my body had slacked off and forgotten how to use it's own healing powers. I had severely aching joints, on-going stomach pain, and had gained unwanted pounds even exercising and eating healthy (or so I thought). I couldn't miss a day of medication without suffering. It felt as if I had lost control and didn't like it. I was SO ready.

Learning of Dr. Erika Way is a story in itself, but let's just say things happen for a reason. I walked into her office ready to do anything. It was an amazing feeling to put my issues out there and have her really care about me and come up with a plan. She spent as much time with me as I needed to answer my questions and discuss my issues. I left excited and invigorated! In subsequent visits I quickly learned foods and ingredients I had sensitivities to and eliminated them from my diet. What I loved the most was the order Dr. Erika put in place for me. First we're going to take care of this….then we can take care of this. My body wouldn't be ready for one thing without correcting another first. I was excited to implement each step and felt progress almost immediately. I am healthier than ever and well equipped with knowledge, methods, and motivation to stay that way. I am happier, more content,…and I know my body!

I am grateful for Dr. Erika's insight, expertise, and the personal interest she has given me. I swear she gets more excited than I do when I come in smiling and feeling great. It is one of many signs of the passion she has for her work and the personal investment she gives each of us.

I kind of wish I could have submitted a "before and after" photo of myself…

I'm pretty sure I look younger.

                                                                                                                                    Lynn H. ~Stillwater

I came to Beyond Chiropractic as a last resort, I was completely fed up with doctors not being able to find a cause or ease the long-term pain I was having.  Previous professionals wanted to numb my body so I wouldn't feel the pain instead of getting rid of the cause.  Dr. Way immediately eliminated the pain and found the reason for my discomfort.  Further, Dr. Way was able to diagnose and treat the pain without prescriptions or medications, but by introducing a healthy diet, to exclude foods that cause inflammation and foods that I am sensitive to.  I now am in control of my body and am able to steer clear of foods that I know will cause a flare-up.
                                                                                                                K.Z.     ~White Bear Lake    

I was adjusted by Dr. Way at a seminar. At that time, I had a bad cold and was loading up with supplements to try to boost my immune system. She adjusted me using Applied Kinesiology and really powered up my immune system and allowed my body to heal itself. I was literally instantly better. My cough went away completely as well as the fever I was experiencing within minutes. I have the highest recommendation for Dr. Way. She will take care of you with great love and utmost expertise.

                                                                                                               Dr. Olivia B.  ~Chicago

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