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Sexual Dysfunction

Being happy and feeling connected are two of the most important qualities we seek in life.  There are many ways to achieve these qualities one of which is a healthy and vibrant intimate life with your partner.

Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation and Vaginal Dryness are three of the major dysfunctions that interfere with a healthy intimate life and very often the hardest to talk about and seek help for.  These dysfunctions are often indicators of something bigger under the surface.

At Beyond Chiropractic we take a comprehensive look at a patient and uncover the root cause of the dysfunction.  Several areas that we look at that are consistently associated with sexual dysfunction are:

  1. Structural – Some issues arise with sexual dysfunction that are structural in nature and when the nervous system is restored to its optimal state so is the sexual dysfunction.

  1. Physiological – There are often issues identified through Functional Medicine such as inflammation and immune dysfunction that are at the root of many sexual dysfunctions.

  1. Emotional – There are many sub-conscious filters by which we interpret the world and our relationships, they are often driven by messages we picked up as children.  At Beyond Chiropractic, we use Neuro Quantum Reset Therapy (QNRT) to help release these filters from the sub-conscious and reset the neurology that has been keeping the filters locked in.

  1. Physical – How do we feel about ourselves or about our partner physically?  These are other factors we look at.  

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