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Meet the Practitioners

  • Dr.
    Erika V. Way

    Dr. Erika V. Way, DC, DCBCN has been empowering patients with their health since 2006 in her clinic in Oakdale, MN. As a Chiropractor with her experience, she works with medical and chiropractic failures, those who have been everywhere and have not found a solution to their health problems.  Dr. Way is committed to promoting the health and well being of her patients.

    Dr. Erika V.Way, has been a licensed Chiropractor and clinical nutritionist since 2006.  She specializes in metabolic disorders and Chiropractic using natural medicine, Applied Kinesiology and creating personalized nutritional programs for her patients.

    Dr. Way uses a 'whole person approach' when taking care of her patients. By combining the very best hands-on-technique, state of the art laboratory testing, and providing the most up to date approach science has to offer.   Dr. Way is able to help you to accelerate and/or maintain your journey to good health.

    Dr. Way originally became interested in natural medicine after undergraduate school when she was challenged with a health issue.  The MD's wanted to perform surgery and Dr. Way went in search of a different solution.  She found the solution in the restoration of her frame, changing her diet and optimizing her nutrition.

    Then when Dr. Way's children were young and faced with seemly typical childhood ailments she once again turned to chiropractic and nutrition.  As a result, her children were able to avoid endless sick days and antibiotics.  It was because of the struggles with family and social norms that motivated Dr. Way to peruse a career where she could help others who might find themselves in similar situations.


    • Bachelor of Science, University of Wisconsin, 1989
    • Graduate of Northwestern Health Sciences University, 2006
    • Diplomate Chiropractic Board Clinical Nutrition
    • 100 hour Certificate in Applied Kinesiology
    • Chiropractic Acupuncture Certificate
    • 48 Hour Nutrition Certification
    • Plus 1,500 hours of continuing Nutrition Education

    Additional Continuing Education Clinical Specialties:

    • Functional Endocrinology
    • Mastering the Thyroid
    • Neurotransmitters and the Brain


    • Licensed in Minnesota, Doctor of Chiropractic
    • Diplomate Chiropractic Board of Clinical Nutrition
  • Dr.
    Amy Klostermam
    Certified Rolfer and Massage Therapist

    Amy Klosterman has been a Certified Rolfer® since 2005, a licensed massage therapist since 1996.  Having practiced deep tissue, sports massage and neuromuscular therapy for several years led her on the search for the body work that would provide the most lasting results and the greatest relief form the pain and discomfort.  Amy studied Connective Tissue Massage, taught by a Rolfer, John Latz, and that led her to begin the journey to work with fascia, and to work on changing our bodies by sinking into the malleable connective tissue.  So, in 2005 she spent 8 1/2 months in Boulder, CO at the Rolf Institute for Structural Integration.  Becoming certified in Rolfing has led her bodywork to be more dynamic and more thorough and complete.  Rolfing therapists watch the body in motion to see patterns and find the imbalances in each of our bodies, they also include some education about our patterns.

    Amy's belief is that each person deserves the ability to find that place in his or her own skin where they have more freedom of movement, less pain and a greater ability to be most at home in our own bodies.

    Rolfing is about allowing the body to move better, to have improved posture.

    Rolfing is typically done as a series of 10 sessions, each session has its own goals and territory to be worked. (For more information, go to our health resources page and click on the Rolf.org web site)

    Amy also does massage as 60 or 90 minute sessions - using a combination of connective tissue, and neuromuscular tissue types of massage.

    Philosophically, Amy believes that each of us is called to become our most evolved self which begins with being our best selves inside our own bodies, from that comfort and awareness we begin to ripple beyond.


    - Bachelor of Social Work, University of Minnesota, Duluth, 1983

    - Graduate of Sister Rosalind Gefre's professional School of Massage, 1996

    - Certified in Neuromuscular Therapy

    - Certified in Aromatherapy

    - Certified in Connective Tissue Massage

    - Certified Rolfer®, Rolf Institute, 2005

    Amy began participating in triathlons 5 years ago and she can tell you what an adventure that has been.  She has and is learning about her body and mind, strengths and weaknesses, what her body is saying and how to train, how to recover.

    She also enjoys camping, kayaking, being outdoors and playing with her dogs.

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